Here are a few pictures from Aubrey’s birthday party yesterday, huge thanks to my good friend Vicky for many of the photos :D

More pictures can be found on her Flikr: hellovicky
And her other blog: hell0vicky wordpress

And to everyone else who made this party possible, we love you. Aubrey’s real birthday was today—I seriously can’t believe some of my followers have been keeping along with my blog since I was first pregnant with her! Amazing. See how fast these kiddies grow? I’m just really happy to share my family with you guys as we continue to grow :) Aubrey had a great weekend..she’s been spending all day playing with all her new toys & trying on her new clothes! She’s such a happy baby. Happy & healthy—that’s all we pray for her & Dylan, every day :)

Thank you all again for the birthday wishes; Aubrey sends her hugs & kisses (well, more like slobber) <3

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